HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020! Creda Launches!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020! Creda Launches!
by Lady Ani 1st Jan 2020, 6:14 PM
Lady Ani
Hello to all and to welcome everyone to my universe! I'm so excited to kick off this series after a long time. 

The first Prologue Chapter "Warriors of the Golden Sun" is a 10 page chapter spanning the next two weeks. 
Updates will resume in the first week on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, the WEBTOONS mirror will go LIVE so if you have the app, feel free to give a follow!

Just expect "Episode" pages to come later on the Saturdays following the normal single page schedule.

Next week will have a five page update week with one page a day before settling into the normal Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule the week after. :3

The comic also goes LIVE on Patreon. If you pledge at least a $1 a month, you'll get access to pages a WEEK in advance. Update days for all pages in a single post are Mondays at 9am PST!

- Ani


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Golden Sun Characters and original lore are (C) NINTENDO/CAMELOT
CREDA Characters and Story are (C) LADYANIDRAWS/Me
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